Timing spray in Pakistan price may vary, timing spray name may vary too likewise timing spray use may vary too. Same is the case with delay cream.
we will talk about the universal way how to apply delay cream and delay sprays.
first step is to wash your penis and dry it with a piece of cloth then apply 2 sprays or little it cream on the tip of your dick and rub it gentally (do not massage it) and then the middle part lastly the lower part. Don’t forget to wash your penis after the intercourse.

how to use delay spray in Urdu:-

pehly nafs ko achay sy dho lein or phir usko kisi kapray sy khushk kar lein phir aram sy upar wale hise par thori si cream ya do spray Delay cream k lagaye or phir yahi tareeqa bech wale hisay or nechlay hise par bhi kar lein.

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