Timing Spray In Pakistan


Brand:   Germany


  • Use 15 minutes before intercourse
  • Wash your panis first
  • Apply 3 short sprays on the panis .
  • First on the top of panis ,
  • Second on the centre of panis & third on below part of panis

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Nearly everyone wants a good time in bed, so what helps to improve your sex timing in bed? Long timing sprays are the best solution to enhance your timing in bed.  We provide long timing spray in Pakistan.
Timing sprays for men in Pakistan prices
vary from product to product. We offer best products with quality quantity and best prices. Timing spray names may differ too but the quality is never compromised. So we can without any doubt say that we offer best delay cream and delay spray in Pakistan.  We also provide complete illustration that how to apply delay cream and how to use timing spray in urdu.  For complete method read our next articles


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