Viga Spray 240000

2,000.00 1,800.00

  • Extra Strong Delay Spray
  • Increase Time & Stamina
  • Prevent Premature Ejaculation 
  • Lessen Sensitivity During Intercourse
  • Prevent Premature Ejaculation
  • Powerful Hold For Long Lasting
  • For External Use Only

Size: 45 ML

Country of Origin: Germany

Guarantee:      100% Genuine Product

Price:               Lowest Online Price In Pakistan

Wholesale:      Inquire For Wholesale Rates

Condition:         New

Availability:       In Stock



If you want your partner to feel more fun and enjoyment during sex then you should use the special viga spray 240000. Made with special herbal ingredients, this super viga delay spray can help you make your sex life better than ever. From young to older men, this viga strong delay spray work for all ages and better than tablets and creams. Viga spray 240000 is very easy to use for men as you don’t have to wait for results for a longer duration. Plus there are no viga spray side effects that means you can use them without any risk of getting swollen dick or other problems.

The special viga spray 240000 delay spray also helps in enhancing the length of dick which will result in more enjoyment for you and your partner. You don’t have to worry about viga spray price or the availability in Pakistan because we can deliver super viga in all the cities of Pakistan at your demand. To make your trust you can also read the viga delay spray review to get the idea of how our previous customers have benefited from this unique delay spray.  You can get the viga spray 240000 in any size and quantity you want as we have the range of the spray of different categories for men in Pakistan.

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